The Story Behind Sanicollection

Cephas Ampah has put his stamp on the fashion industry in the U.S. since he arrived from his native home in Ghana, West Africa. He worked himself up through many aspects of the industry, from cosmetology to sales of high-end fashion and opticals. Cephas has worked in many high-end fashion haberdasheries and Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s, and Nordstrom as a sales and fashion consultant. His work with the Safilo group for over 13 years has allowed him to advise the design team on up-and-coming trends in the fashion industry. His incredible journey through his beautiful sector has been the inspiration for creating The Roots Collection Inc. His innovative and creative vision has cemented him as a visionary in the fashion world, and he has only just begun!

The Journey

┬áHe has recently blazed a trail for himself and his daughters, Samantha and Nicole, by creating a fantastic jewelry line. Each handmade piece has a statement that embraces his family’s rich and diverse legacy of strength and perseverance. Cephas and his girls devote much time and dedication to detail as they produce every individual and unique piece, from the leather to the quality metals used. The mission is the satisfaction and loyalty of his customers. Cephas has gained the respect and support of everyone wearing and purchasing his pieces; this includes fashion executives, members of the entertainment world, mainstream media, and the like. There is no stopping this innovative entrepreneur and his girls. They have written their tickets to success at ages 11 and 12 years old and followed their dad’s creative and successful footsteps.