We will email you as items in your order ship, or if there are updates on the status of your order.
If you have a sanicollection.com profile, sign in to your account. You’ll see which purchases are on the way and get to the shipment tracking updates.

If you don’t have an account, find your order number, then go to order information and enter it.
For international orders, please call 1 347-223-1194 or check your order history.

Look at the status bar of your browser window to help you establish whether or not your connection is secure. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which aids in safeguarding information transfer across the website, should be active if you see an unbroken key or a closed lock (depending on your browser). Furthermore, make sure the URL for the page you are on starts with “https.” The majority of browsers also provide extra security warnings.

Your order from sanicollection.com can be postponed or canceled if:

Your bank’s records do not match the address and phone number you supplied for your credit card account.
Your order is being shipped to a location other than the one listed as your billing address.  Customer Service from Sani Collection may get in touch with you if either of these circumstances applies to your order in order to conduct further verification. Your order may be canceled if they are unable to get in touch with you.

Backordered items are those that aren’t immediately ready for shipment once an order is placed and will ship later. As you add the item to your bag and during checkout, we’ll give you an estimated ship date. We’ll send you an email if the estimated backorder ship date changes. You will not be charged until the item ships, despite the fact that your credit card will be authorized when you place your order.

Payments & Taxes

These are acceptable at Sanicollection:

Credit Cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and Discover Network.
Cash, CODs, checks, money orders, gift cards, or other payment methods are not currently accepted for online purchases. Call us at 1 347-223-1194 if you have any questions.

Yes! All of our locations in the United States allow contactless payments. It’s secure and simple. To make a purchase, simply place your tap-to-pay card or mobile device over the card reader screen.

Orders from abroad can be paid for with Visa and MasterCard. For foreign orders, call us at 1 347-223-1194 if you have any questions.

It depends on where your order is being shipped. 

Billing & Charges

Once your order is placed, a pre-authorization (pending charge/hold) for the full amount will be applied to your credit card. Depending on your financial institution, this pre-authorization is usually removed automatically within 7 days.

Your credit card will be charged for the cost of each item as it ships. You may see multiple credit card charges if you have an order that contains multiple items that are shipped at different times.

Any refunds will be applied to the original method of payment used by you.

The amount of the refund will be charged to your credit card if you return an item to us. 3-5 business days may pass before you see the reimbursement, depending on your financial institution.

We typically receive returned merchandise sent by U.S. mail within 10 to 14 business days. After receipt of the goods, we will complete your refund. You might notice the return on your credit card within 3-5 business days, depending on your financial institution.

After a short time after placing your order, you can ask to have it cancelled. By logging into your account, finding the order under your purchases, clicking “Details,” and then “Cancel Order,” you can request to have your transaction canceled. The window for cancellation has expired and your order cannot be canceled if the “Cancel Order” option is disabled. Order cancellations made after this time frame are not possible.

In the event that we are able to cancel your order, your payment method won’t be charged. Your payment method will be charged and your things will be shipped to you if we are unable to cancel your order. Both in-person and mail returns are always free at our store.

Coupons, Promotions & Sales

The Sani Collection Anniversary Sale, which is our best sale of the year, takes place every July/August. Customers of the SaNi Collection, who benefit from exceptional discounts on the most exciting new fall products as well as a ton of summer merchandise, have grown to regard this sale as legendary. Also, every spring and fall, often in May and December, we hold a half-yearly sale. Offering fantastic savings on apparel for men, women, and children, these eagerly awaited events join three other seasonal bargains.

We enjoy rewarding our clients with exclusive promotional deals. The relevant areas of our website will list any current promotions that are available. We provide:

Free gifts with purchases are some of our most well-liked promotions, and they can range from caps and golf balls to cosmetics and fragrances. These promotions are frequently linked to a particular brand, product, or minimum order amount. The gift will automatically be shipped to the billing address if sending to several locations.
Buy & Save: With this deal, buyers can save money by buying multiples of a single item or a predetermined assortment of things. The discount will be applied during Checkout.

Promotional Code: If a promotion is linked to a certain code, you can be eligible for it. On the promotion or product information page, you can find promotional codes. Enter the code in the box for a promotion code in the payment phase of the checkout procedure to get your gift back. Promotional codes don’t take case into account.
Automatic: During the checkout process, many promotions will be added to your order without the need for a promotion code. At the bottom of the Checkout page, you can see that the promotion has been added.

Yes! For sales or discounts, we provide SaNi Collection coupons. There is no such thing as a “SaNi Coupon,” “SaNi Collect Coupon Code,” or “SaNi Discount Code” that can be used on other websites. We do, however, have specials on a few goods.